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The Family Gravity™  newsletter is sent out via email approximately once each month. It contains a wide range of articles from basic parenting, games, parent-child projects, favorite recipes, homeschooling tips, faith lessons, courtship, marriage issues, entrepreneurship - virtually anything relating to Christian parents and the Christian family. 

We put an emphasis on the father-child relationship, providing much needed ideas and encouragement for Christian fathers to use in building lasting relationships with their children.

That doesn't mean that we leave mom out.  No way!  There will be plenty that mom will enjoy and benefit from as well.

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Limited Time Bonus Offer

As a way of saying "thank you" and to celebrate our new name we are giving away our family Bible study on the book of First Samuel (a $10 value).   Please sign up today if you would like to receive our newsletter.  Everyone who signs up will receive the free bonus family Bible study on the book of First Samuel.

This is the eBook version of our first Bible study publication. This study is on First Samuel chapters 1 - 8.  It is designed for all members of the family and is intended for use as part of a weekly family night or as a homeschooling Bible study curriculum.

Each of the eleven lessons consists of three pages. The first page is a question and answer page which family members fill out on their own by reading that lesson's Bible passage. The second page is a game such as a word search, crossword puzzle, etc. designed to help reinforce some of the important aspects of the lesson in a fun, entertaining way. The third page is a discussion guide and fact sheet for parents to use to guide their children, especially teenagers, into a more in depth discussion of the lesson material.

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For a limited time, sign up for the newsletter and receive the added bonus Bible study (a $10 value) absolutely FREE.

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