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Family Gravity
Father-Child Projects DVD
Volume 1


Our new Father-Child Projects DVD series focuses on equipping fathers to spend time making memories with their children.  Each DVD in the series will contain father-child projects that families can build together in just a few hours.  They are designed to be built using common tools that most fathers have in their garage or workshop.  Nothing too complicated like you see on other do-it-yourself shows. The idea is to keep it simple and focus on making memories while building
a project together. 

The projects are designed for families with children ages 6 and up.

The projects are also designed to be useful.  Many will provide years of family fun long after the project itself is completed.  We are so excited about this new DVD series! 
We know you will be too.

Volume 1 of this new series is now available!
In Volume 1 Pastor Ken and his six year old son, Thomas, show your family how to build a three-hole washers game.  The main video provides step-by-step instructions for construction of the game and how to play.  There is also a Bible lesson that Pastor Ken relates to the washers game.

Included on the bonus features of the DVD is a video that shows you how to make
a marshmallow blowgun.  There is also a workshop safety video.

The DVD also contains data files you can print from your computer which include detailed assembly drawings and parts lists for the washers game and the marshmallow blowguns and detailed instructions for how to play the washers game.

Here is a preview of the new DVD:

Included on the DVD

Main Feature Bonus Features
How to build a three-hole washers game How to make a marshmallow blowgun
How to play the washers game Workshop Safety
Bible lesson related to the washers game Trailers (previews of our other videos)
Bonus Features - Data DVD-ROM
Detailed drawing and assembly instructions for building a marshmallow blowgun
Detailed rules for playing the washers game
Detailed drawings and assembly instructions for building a
three-hole washers game

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