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Who We Are

Meet the Lawrence Family

Pastor Ken Lawrence is a homeschool father of four.  He and his wife Chris have graduated their oldest two (Zack and Heather) and will start homeschooling their younger two (Thomas and Robert) soon.


Our Mission: The mission of Family Gravity is to help hold families together. To accomplish this, we publish videos, books, and newsletters and host special events all geared toward helping families build strong bonds that will withstand the attacks of society and governmental institutions.  We are here for you, the Christian parent.  We pray that the Lord will use us and this website to strengthen your family so you can impact your world for Him.

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We have lots of great resources available for Christian families in the Family Gravity resource center.  Resources include our own original DVDs, CDs and Books as well as other great products from other Christian ministries.  To shop at our resource center click on the Resources button here
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Pastor Ken has a blog on which he will be making a variety of posts on the topic of Christian parenting and the Christian family.  Check out his blog by clicking on the Pastor's Blog button here
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New Family Strengthening DVD
Our new DVD titled
"Father-Child Projects" is now ready to order!  This fantastic DVD provides fathers with ideas for how to spend time making memories and building strong bonds with their children.  Check out the DVD page by clicking on the New DVD button here
New DVD!
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What is Family Gravity?

When trying to decide upon a new name for our ministry to families we listed our mission statement and the types of things we hope to accomplish.  We feel led to do all we can to help hold families together in a society that is doing everything it can to rip families apart.  Of all the forces in the world that act on a family, most negatively, we want to be a positive force that draws families closer together.

With that goal in mind we set out to create a name that was unique, trademarkable and captures our vision as simply and succinctly as possible. Obviously the word "family" had to be in there.  The difficulty came in trying to find a word that would promote the image of a family being held together by some positive force. 

Gravity is a positive force.  It holds the planets in orbit around the sun and helps us keep our feet on the ground instead of floating off into outer space.  The idea of gravity holding a family together with their feet well grounded in a common goal of unity and purpose seemed like the perfect fit. 

After weeks of trying various names and searching to make sure they were not in use else where, we were finally drawn to our new name, Family Gravity.  We hope families around the country are drawn to it as well as we equip them with resources designed to help hold their family together.

At Family Gravity "Holding Families Together" is more than just a slogan, it is our mission in life!

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